Residential Glass

Top-Class Residential Glass Services Including Mirrored Walls

Mirrored walls are a fabulous way to make your home brighter. They not only reflect walls but also make the space appear larger than it is! If you want to have mirrored walls in your home, call South Texas Glass for your residential glass services.

In addition to mirrored walls, tables with custom glass tops are a stylish and smart option for a classy living space. Ask our experts for advice on how you can add these tables and mirrors to enhance the look of your home.
Home Glass

Cabinet Door Glass Inserts for Your Kitchen

Cabinet door glass inserts instantly liven up the dull interior of any space. Consult our friendly staff to pick the ideal glass inserts for your kitchen or bathroom cabinet doors.

South Texas Glass is known for its top-quality residential glass services, including replacement of plate window glass, double pane window glass, patio door glass, and French door glass.
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